A couple hundred years ago, the future wasn’t so important. If you asked a settler what the world was going to be like in ten years, they’d probably say, “pretty much the same as today,” and they’d be right. I mean, some cool things were on the horizon, but the future wasn’t imminent – looming – like it is today.

If you ask someone the same question today, the only reasonable response is, “I have no idea, but it’ll be very very different.” Science is expounding on itself, technology is exploding, and the world we live in is changing at an exponential rate.

Only one thing is certain, the future is going to be very, very weird.

It’s imperative that we don’t get caught off guard by our own scientific and technological advances. And the only way we can begin to safeguard ourselves is by staying informed.

That’s what Future Minute is here for. To give you a taste of the most impactful discoveries that will advance – or condemn – mankind. All in about three minutes per day.